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2018 Ballasting in progress

2017 was a great start to the Woodlark Central.  The core railroad was built and operated three times.  2018 on the other hand has been a disappointment.  As of Thanksgiving the railroad has not yet been run and most of … Continue reading

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Success! Woodlark Central’s first run is a party…

On August 18th 2017, the Woodlark Central ran for the first time!  My 50th birthday reunion celebration was a success.  My son, nephew and others all ran the trains and made trips around the track on the hand car.  There … Continue reading

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WCRR – Ballast Complete

In July we completed the basic ballast on the Woodlark Central

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Woodlark Central – Latest track plan

Dad made an accurate plan so that he could manufacture the track for the Woodlark Central.  This is what he is building to. I’ve sketched the location of the shed and track to it.  The site of the shed is … Continue reading

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Walnut Creek 30th Anniversary

Last fall Dad and I got to attend the 30th Anniversary of the Walnut Creek Railroad.  We had a wonderful time running the #778 on Stan Helper’s railroad and meeting other 4-3/4″ enthusiasts.  I’ve been wanting to write a really … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Now…Grading Begins

I turn 50 this year, which means a big family celebration.  30+ people will be here in my home town, and what better to do than have a picnic and train rides in the backyard.  I proposed the idea to … Continue reading

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Inspirational Backyard Railroad Video

This backyard railroad of Jim Sabin is on the same scale of what I dream about…. Take a look for yourself…

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