This site is dedicated to 1″ scale riding railroading. On this site we’ll share our experiences past and present with building and operating one inch scale railroads and equipment.

One inch scale is most commonly used to model standard gauge railroad equipment on 4.75″ gauge rails. This is smaller than the more common 1.5″ scale (7.25″ or 7.5″ gauge) live steam seen at most live steam clubs. 1″ scale fits the “sweet spot” for those wishing to build home layout or haul a enough equipment around. A 40′ box car is only 40″ in 1″ scale, so will fit in most hatchback automobiles. An Alco RS-3 is not much bigger at 56″ long and many steam engines (minus tender) are less than 50″ long.

Like 1.5″ scale, 1″ scale trains can be ridden on ground level track, where as smaller 3/4″ or 1/2″ scale trains tend to be best operated on elevated track. The smaller 3/4″ or 1/2″ scale trains and locomotives can be carried by an individual. Admittedly, 1″ scale equipment is still too large to be carried by a single individual and most locomotives are too large to carry by hand. Much 1″ scale equipment requires hoists and lifts to maneuver.


4 Responses to About

  1. Marty Cozad, 1 year old South Table Creek 1" scale RR says:

    I have tried to build a hand crack car for the grandkids, but keep having problems. Can I get a close up of that car you built?
    Marty Cozad

    • narrowtracks says:

      Marty, the hard cars was originally build by my grandfather (40+ years ago), my father has rebuilt it. He has more in progress work. I’ll collect information and closeup photos.

  2. Dale Gauwitz says:

    I am looking for rail spikes for use with 5/8″ aluminum rail, a friend has a couple of at 15/16″ long from 30 years ago.

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