Halloween Run 2021

The end of season run happened to occur on Halloween. The impetus was a final run of steam before moving the engine to the garage for the winter.

The regular crew came: Chris, Phil, Dad. Paul was there too. Additionally we had first time guests. Kevin, a friend of Phil. Denis and Philip, local live steamers. Jim and John friends of mine.

Here are a few photos, but the YouTube link at the end of the page tells the whole story.

The day started with a scare. #778 had a frozen piston. Denis guided us to resolving the problem.
Philip took the RS-3 around and checked out the quality of the track using measure on his iPhone. I think he was trying to tell me that my track leaned and dipped….check the video on his YouTube channel.
Jim gave the RS-3 a try
John was the first newbie to fire…John liked being pulled by the engine rather than chasing it…as he does with his garden steamer.
Jim fired a couple of laps. But seemed nervous like all first timers. Next time will be easier.

The day was great…Eight of ten people fired #778. Three of them newbies to live steam. #778 is the perfect training locomotive and the track is just right for it.

Click to see the full story with action video on YouTube.


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