Cicada Run 2021

On Sunday June 6, 2021 was the first ever Cicada run on the Woodlark Central.

Phil brief’s Al on the finer aspects of running a steam locomotive while my dad and Don watch

My Friend Al was in town from Atlanta, so I decided to make a run day out of it. The first ever Cicada Run! May we all return in 17 years for the second Cicada run in 2038.

An overview from the porch. This is the first time we had the passing track and the shed track. The collection of railroad equipment is impressive for such a small railroad.

Paul, a long time model railroading friend was glad to run the RS3. Battery powered, it is simple to operate. #91 made it’s first run since the 2017 when it powered the inaugural run of the Woodlark Central.

Al took a turn on the RS3 and took dad for a few laps around the track. Al was the guest of honor as it was his visit that initiated the whole event. Al is an On2 SR&RL modeler. We share ideas as I’m also building the Sn2 SR&RL

Al, Paul, Dad, Don, Phil (facing), Chris all enjoying the trains and glad for the nice weather

Phil and Chis side by side. Almost 50 years of friendship. Glad to have them as part of the Woodlark Central. They came over early to help me host Al in his visit. Actually they were on the job from 9:00a to 5p. Helping to get trains to the backyard, assemble the trains, fire the steam engine, put the equipment into the shed, and take everything else back to the garage.

Dad also was a big help. He came over on Friday to ensure the the Diesel and Steam loco were ready to go. He also tuned up the switches. A month or so ago, he had completed the 3rd switch, a refurbish of one of my grandfathers. I’d just finished installing it and running the track to the shed. That switch and track makes it possible to store the equipment on the track rather than up in the garage. Future runs will be must simpler to do. Dad guided Phil and Chris in the loco firing.

Chris made a video of the Cicada Run. Cicada Run 2021 – YouTube

Cicada running the rails….

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