WCRR – Ballast Complete

In July we completed the basic ballast on the Woodlark Central


A small fill is seen on entering the backyard.


Turning right, the grade is 1.5% up in this direction, until the second tree where it heads down again


The bricks in the in the roadbed are every 10 feet. The railroad is graded brick to brick. The 2% down grade starts at the first brick.


Heading down grade, toward the great fill and past the vegetable garden.

Approaching the yard, on the fill, an passing the garden

The double track railroad yard. Full size railroad ties on right are being placed to hold the ballast.

Exiting the yard. The 1.5% grad starts here. The wall at left is for sitting on while watching the trains in the yard.

The 1.5 % grade out of the yard.

Completed the loop. The 1.5% grade heads toward the house and the loop is completed on the small fill. Stacks of track wait to be installed.

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