Woodlark Central – Latest track plan

Dad made an accurate plan so that he could manufacture the track for the Woodlark Central.  This is what he is building to.

I’ve sketched the location of the shed and track to it.  The site of the shed is not 100% established.  I need to design the shed and then work with dad on the track.  The shed is to be multi-purpose.  One side for live steam and the other for garden stuff (pots, bug sprays, etc…)


May 2017 Woodlark Central track plan

I’ve been working grade the WC.  At this point, I’m 90% complete, so know the grades.  The clockwise ruling grade is 2% and the counter-clockwise ruling grade is 1.5%  I feel pretty good about these grades.  I think a steamer should be able to pull 1-2 additional passengers counter clockwise and the diesel should be able to pull 2-3 passenger clockwise (assumption is that a passenger is 150lbs…as an average weight….)

Note that the bottom part of the track plan is not 100% accurate to the graded ballast.  Dad drew the 28′ and 24′ radius curves being connected by a straight track.  Instead they are connected by some gentle curve, some 34′ radius, and some straight.  Connecting them straight would have brought the track too close to a tree truck, resulting in unacceptable grades.  Instead the track has been laid in the shallows between the house (which is at bottom) and the trees.



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