Walnut Creek 30th Anniversary

Last fall Dad and I got to attend the 30th Anniversary of the Walnut Creek Railroad.  We had a wonderful time running the #778 on Stan Helper’s railroad and meeting other 4-3/4″ enthusiasts.  I’ve been wanting to write a really great post about the event, to emphasize the wonder time I has just not happened.  So I want to complete this post as a complement to the article written by Stan himself in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Live Steam.

In addition to thanking Stan, I’d like to thank his neighbor George Fish’s whose Walnut Creek and Southern connects to Stan’s railroad.  Together these men provided a fine venue for running trains and hosted a wonder event with family and friends.  Congratulations to the two of them and hopefully, I can attend the 40th.

Thanks to Lou Lockwood for providing the following photos.

House & Trestle

A general view of Stan’s home and the pleasant setting for the Walnut Creek Railroad.

Kids Run Too

The Walnut Creek Railroad is for kids too!

Firing 778

Dad and I fired up the #778. I made several trips around the track. On the step grades, the 778 could only pull one full sized adult

NZ Diesel

One of the stars of the day, a 1.6″ scale meter gauge NZ diesel built by Dale Gauwitz.

NZ Diesel Insides

Dale showed off the insides of his NZ loco.


Jim Schmidt ran his ten wheeler.

High Trestle

The high trestle on Georges property was exciting to steam across


The 1″ scale hand car shed is one of several structures around the right of way


Stan’s 4-3/4″ gauge clishay outside the shop building

Stan on right

The host is at right, talking with one Tim, one of the guests who brought his RS-3

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2 Responses to Walnut Creek 30th Anniversary

  1. Max Zimmermann says:

    Hi just found your site. The “NZ” locomotive is actually a Commonwealth Railways CL class that runs on 5 foot 3 inches here in Australia. But its a beautiful model indeed.

  2. Dale Gauwitz says:

    My CL loco prototype only ran on Standard Gauge. Thank you for other typo corrections.eg Class.

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