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Getting #6 Running again Part 2 – Fixing a Bind

In part 1 of “Getting #6 Running again” my father and I identified a bind in the running gear.  It was clearly occurring when the right side rods were in the fore and after positions (cylinder fully extended one way or the … Continue reading

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Getting #6 Running again Part 1 – Evaluation

I’ve been a long time model railroader.  I know little about live steam.  My father has been a long time live steamer, but had little time for the hobby when I was at home.  Recently we’ve decided to get together … Continue reading

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4-6-0 KVRR #6

Ten wheeler #6 was build by Richard Stokes of Riverside California (later moved north to Carmel area). According to the builders plate it was completed in 1953. The locomotive is based on Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad (KVRR) number 6. A Baldwin locomotive built … Continue reading

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